Do you believe in ghosts?

I'm certain that prehistoric humans would have asked themselves that same question, Are ghosts real? It is highly probable that they would have been astonished by the vitality that not only animated themselves and their fellow humans, but also the creatures that roamed in their midst.

Archaeological discoveries have revealed grave sites in Iraq, Croatia, and Israel that are estimated to date back at least 60,000 years, and perhaps up to 100,000 years. It is my sincere belief that the early humans would not have taken the effort to bury their clan and family members with personal items, trinkets, and talismans, unless they held a belief in the perpetuation of the life-force and an afterlife. Additionally, I am of the belief that they pondered the whereabouts of that life force upon encountering the death of one of their fellow human beings.

The brown lady

A former skeptic

This website was originally launched in October 2009 under a different domain name. Prior to that moment, I must confess that I was highly skeptical regarding the notion of ghosts, hauntings, and the paranormal. My belief in ghosts was limited to their portrayal in Hollywood movies, TV programs, or as a coping mechanism for those who fear death and seek comfort in the idea of an afterlife. However, after some unexplainable events in my home, possibly paranormal, mentioned elsewhere on this site. I was compelled to broaden my perspective and acknowledge the possibility that the paranormal may exist, including the existence of ghosts and hauntings. At that time, I was not a believer, and I still maintained some doubts and skepticism. I held the belief that the majority, if not all, of these occurrences could be accounted for by natural events and/or phenomena.

My viewpoint on the existence of ghosts could be described as being on the middle of that proverbial fence. I remained in that position until I developed an interest in EVP, or electronic voice phenomenon. I viewed several television programs centered on ghost hunting, however, I found none of the electronic voice phenomena (EVP) presented as evidence for the existence of ghosts to be convincing. While I did not outright doubt the authenticity of these programs, I maintained a level of skepticism towards their EVP recordings. I believed much of it to be random sounds or noises resembling words. It is a psychological phenomenon known as auditory pareidolia.

Upon developing an interest in EVP, I proceeded to purchase a digital voice recorder for myself. And I felt compelled to attempt a few EVP sessions of my own, in my own home. The intention was either to dismiss this as mere background static and noise or to provide evidence for electronic voice phenomena as support for the existence of ghosts. After conducting numerous EVP sessions in my personal residence, I have arrived at the conclusion that there is a presence of paranormal activity, which I am unable to rationalize. Upon conducting a small amount of research, I can unquestionably state a few things.

Does this indicate that I now hold the belief that ghosts exist? Not necessarily! I am unable to assert with complete certainty that ghosts exist, as no one can. However, I must acknowledge that EVP has altered my viewpoint from that of a narrow-minded skeptic to that of an open-minded individual, and ultimately to one who now holds the belief that there is likely validity to the existence of the paranormal and ghosts.

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Science and the paranormal

Many mainstream scientists hold a skeptical stance towards the paranormal, particularly regarding ghosts and hauntings. Most of these scientists tend to disregard anything that cannot be verified through laboratory conditions using scientific methodology. It appears their attitude is that if something cannot be seen, measured, or quantified under controlled laboratory conditions, it is considered non-existent. However, the lack of quantifiable and verifiable evidence in a laboratory does not discredit the existence of ghosts, spirits, or other paranormal phenomena. These scientists, who reject the notion of ghosts and the supernatural, struggle to provide a satisfactory explanation for the nature of consciousness or reality itself.

However there are a couple of notable scientists, such as Sir Roger Penrose and Dr. Stuart Hameroff, who have proposed the concept of "Quantum mind" or "Quantum consciousness," this theory surpasses my capacity for complete comprehension or explanation. Therefore, if you wish more information, click on the above link. It's interesting, and if true, helps prove scientifically the possible existence of ghosts or spirits.

I have viewed programs on the "Discovery Science Channel" pertaining to the universe, black holes, and other phenomena in space. The astrophysicists and scientists who provide narration for these programs discuss string theory and the possibility of 10 or possibly even 11 spatial dimensions. Furthermore, certain scientists postulate the existence of infinite universes, referred to as the multiverse. They also discuss the concepts of dark matter and dark energy, but are unable to provide concrete evidence of their existence. It is astonishing to note that these scientists, who have faith in these unproven and peculiar theories, frequently disregard the potential existence of ghosts, the supernatural, and the paranormal.

It has been said, that renowned astronomer, Carl Sagan, was the first to introduce the phrase that "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence." However, in light of this statement, I must ask: where is the tangible evidence or proof that supports the validity of these scientific theories compared to theories of the paranormal? It is common practice for scientists to use mathematics to substantiate and verify their hypotheses. However, the efficacy of the mathematics they employ depends on the proficiency of the mathematicians responsible for developing the equations. And if there is an error in their logic, then there is a subsequent error in the equation. Additionally, they acknowledge that their theories may occasionally conflict, and they have yet to develop their purported "theory of everything."


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