Ghost stories

The following ghost stories have been submitted by visitors to my site. Whether they are true or not I cannot say because I was not there to witness them. Perhaps they are pure fiction but who knows, just maybe they are real!

Holy Friday Mystery.

A few days after a mysterious incident happened about two months ago, the thought if there would be another mystery soon for me to write came to mind. Well, the reply to my thought did not take very long before I had to write again. As always, I must write and record no more than the truth.

I thought it should be known beforehand that I live alone. My dwelling is one of the most tightly secured in this building. Inside and outside it debases a clam or an oyster. Hence any kind of non-forcible human intrusion is better than 97% impossible.

Tuesday 19 Apr. 2011 I cooked one of my favorite dishes of fish and vegetables for dinner. There were 8 fish. I ate the first 2 together with some vegetables that evening and kept the leftover in the casserole in the refrigerator. It was to be for my dinner during the evenings which followed.

I never tallied how many fish I had already eaten until dinner time Thursday. After heating the dish on the stove I discovered there were only 2 fish left underneath the vegetables. That was strange! I don't eat that fast. Also, now there was too much vegetables and not enough fish. I don't eat this way either. I prefer enough of every sort. Well, I shrugged. I ate one of the 2 and most of the vegetables and left only enough to go with the last fish. I remember saying to myself I would keep this last fish for tomorrow's dinner.

Holy Friday dinner time. I was about to transfer the hot dish into the bowl when I saw 3 fish in the casserole. Now there was too much fish and not enough vegetables. I was astounded, bewildered and puzzled! That could not be. I was absolutely sure there was only one fish left the night before! I knew it. Another inexplicable mystery had just occurred and sooner than I thought.

Today 23 Apr. 2011 I must oblige by writing down and recording the mystery as well as the events which happened lest my mind be bothered and sleep be hard to come for who knows how long. I paused and pondered. From my tally, 2 fish were taken and missing Thursday evening. 2 fish appeared from nowhere Friday evening. I did not do this! No human burglar, joker or prankster could have done this! Hairs were rising while I was writing. I know that is how I will be whenever I read this mystery again.

Moreover, I bought and refrigerated the 8-pack fish a little over 3 weeks ago. It was compelling but I had no purpose for doing so.

Catholics by tradition do not eat meat during the Holy Week. I am a Catholic but I do not follow customs or traditions. The Holy Week started on April 17th I did not buy the fish for the Holy Week. I dressed and cooked the fish on the 19th because I ran out of meat not because it was Holy Week. I never intended to, but the dish lasted up to Holy Friday, April 22nd when the mystery occurred. I ate the 3 mysterious fish and finished the dish that evening because there was nothing else for dinner, not because it was Holy Friday.

In retrospect I realized I never planned any of my actions here and yet they, together with the mystery, just fit together like a jigsaw puzzle; the same pattern as before. Again my question: What is the purpose or reason for this paranormal mystery? Is it to convey a message there is such a thing as Holy Friday? May be I should indeed eat fish during the Holy Week from here on. Furthermore, may be I should start believing in superstitions. Yes, certainly but ... why the fish?

by anonymous

A personal story

It first started when I was around about 7-8 years old, I remember moving into a new bungalow in England. When we were first looking at the house, I remember being petrified of the house, I can remember hearing thunder and lightning and it felt like the room was shaking, no one else seemed to hear or feel anything.

My parents liked the house and soon we moved in. I don't remember this part at all, it is like my memory has been wiped clean, but both my parents have told me the stories. My mother used to hear me talking in the middle of the night and come into my room to find me talking and looking at something at the end of my bed, when asked who I was talking to I would reply, The man in the tall hat. There have been many incidents round about this time. I was not allowed to open the front door at that age, and our front door had that glass where you could only make out shapes. My uncle came to the door and my father was sleeping, I walked past the door to wake up my father. When my uncle was finally let in the house he asked why my father hadn't let him in, when he had explained he had been sleeping, my uncle replied, I seen you walk past with Natalie. He had seen the shape of a man walking behind me as I was walking. There had also been times when someone would look at me, look away and double back claiming there had been a man behind me.

Other incidents include, when I moved back to Scotland, I was about 11-12, and I woke up during the night because I was needing the toilet. I sleep with my room door closed and when I walked to my door just as I was about to turn the handle, There was an almighty banging, as though someone had slammed their fists on my door several times. I got an initial shock, but the first thing I done was fling my door open, to find nothing there. I just went back to bed.

More recent things were roughly 2 weeks ago, I am now 18 years old. I was on my computer and my printer turned on. My printer has to be turned on manually by the button, I thought I could have just accidentally touched it with my foot, so I turned it off. Two minutes later, it flashed on again (I hadn't touched this time) and then turned back off.

I was in my room and doing my hair, when a photo of me and my boyfriend fell on my head from my shelf. There was nothing that could have caused the photo frame to have fallen. Later that night, I went to bed to find a picture of a friend of mine that had passed away recently on my bed. This was very creepy.

By Natalie Probert

Haunted Hospital

I work in an office in a hospital which used to be the oncology ward. Occasionally something weird happens but can usually be explained away by something tangible. Last Sunday morning I was early to work and I was the only person in the building which requires a swipe card to gain entry. While the computer was booting up I walked around the corridor to the kitchen to make coffee and as I passed the male toilet the door suddenly slammed shut very, very hard, as if it had been kicked. The doors in this department are all very heavy and hard to push open or closed. I gathered my courage and opened the door, there was no one there.

The department is completely enclosed with no way to open windows so there was no breeze (not that a breeze would have been enough to close the door anyway). The air conditioning is quite often turned off on the weekends as well but to be honest, I didn't think of checking whether it was on. I admit to being very spooked and was grateful when my big strong male colleague arrived. I KNOW that something weird happened and now I'm wary of entering the department. I have never heard of a ghost hurting anyone or killing anyone but I'm scared anyway.

Chirley Ericson

A fathers story

I have had many ghost experiences. I will tell you one: One evening my son came into my room exclaiming that there was a ghost in his room. I put my attention to his room and told him that it was a friendly ghost and it just wanted some company.

He implored me to do something (experience). As I walked to his room I realized this time I'd make him point to it as proof I am not crazy. He did but not before I looked but I made like I was scanning the room. Not the proof I really was looking for, but better than nothing. I invited the ghost into my room as I promised that I'd do something about the ghost. I was back reading, the ghost in the corner, I smiled and said make yourself at home. Seconds later my son came in all excited exclaiming that the ghost was gone, and tripping one the last word he said, looked into the corner where the ghost was pointed his finger at it and exclaimed,Dad, the ghost is in your room now! I explained that I invited it to stay with me because it was lonely. My son protested but I assured him that the ghost was going to stay in my room. I'd finally got my clear proof. The next day the ghost had moved on and I asked my son about his experience. He said that the ghost was palpable, very palpable. This is just one of many, and one of the easiest.

Steve Smith

Paper Money Mystery

On 06Feb2011 I went shopping for a snow shovel. I needed one whenever I have to dig out my car stuck in snow or dig in snow to park. I found and bought one in a hardware store not too far away. The total price was $14 plus change. I paid the cashier $100. Now for the change he counted onto my palm four brand new crispy $20's, five $1's and change. I slid this $85 change in one compartment of my wallet, call this "partition A", apart from the cash already in the other compartment, call this "partition B".

Next I drove to the grocery store. My total purchase was $12 plus change. There was not enough cash in "partition B" so I had to pull one of the crispy $20 from "partition A". I was distraught to find there were only three $20's. There should be four! To be absolutely sure, I counted the cash piece by piece. No doubt there were only three brand new $20's. I slid the cash back into my wallet. I immediately thought the hardware cashier had cheated me by some cunning magician's trick. I lost $20 I murmured.

I was so distraught and embarrassed my forehead began sweating and the cashier probably noticed my worried composure. For a minute I wanted to tell her to cancel the purchase and then I would drive like hell back to the hardware store to complain and demand the correct change. But I changed my mind. I decided to complete this purchase and do that next.

Distraught or not the business at hand was to pay for the waiting groceries. I pulled out one of the crispy $20's from "partition A". While handing her the payment an old and wrinkled $20 bent away and separated from the brand new crispy $20. I immediately snatched it and inserted it between the two crispy $20's in my wallet. The two $20 bills probably adhered to each other so tightly that I counted them as one. This is a common inconvenience in counting brand new crispy paper money ... or so I thought.

I left the grocery store and this day would have been just ordinary and uneventful. But as I was driving home, it occurred to me that something astonishingly incredible had just happened. I remembered the paranormal. I knew it was paranormal. I just did not know what the purpose or reason was.

By Unknown

Malevolent ghosts

I am telling you that I have been haunted by ghosts for the past year now, I first saw one in my home last year about this time, he appeared in human form completely dressed and I saw color in his face. I still remember what he looked like and how old he was. At first they did not hurt me and were just talking at me, I know there are at least 6 of them.

They can read my very thoughts and know my whole life history, they now have been hurting me and have been for a very long time now. They call me filthy names and say they want to cut off my head and they have hurt my head in more ways than I can count. They keep saying they are killing me and with what they have done to me I think they are. I am afraid of them and they know it. I just want people to know there are demonic or manipulated ghosts out there and to be warned about them. Ghosts are they real? YES, because they are putting me through the worst danger of my life. They tell me they don't care, because they already died and can come here and do what they want to. Afraid for my life in Arizona. They also told me I would be the first person killed by a ghost.

by Cheryl Miller

Haunted PLQ Bldg

I am a Security Officer/Tech-Medic on the Trans Alaskan Pipeline. I have been assigned duty at Pump Station 3, mile 316 of the Dalton Hwy. This station is supposed to be shutting down, but as I am here working, it obviously has not.

There are several abandoned buildings that are without power or services. One of them is an old 3-story PLQ (Personal Living Quarters). I was told it was haunted. Being a sceptic I said Yeah right. What ever! Yesterday was my first Internal Patrol of the PLQ. No lights, and frozen (it's January above the Arctic Circle). So, yeah, a little spooky, but everything up here is spooky on some level. I had just entered the building and was beginning to investigate when a phone in an old office started ringing. I couldn't find it at first. Then when I went to pick it up (it rang in my hands as I was picking it up - I did not imagine this!) the phone was dead. Nothing, no ring tone, no power. O.K. creepy. As I set the receiver down more phones somewhere in the building began to ring. I told myself F- this! I'm outa here. Someone is messing with me. I then went to our mechanic shop, and called the only people on site and off site who might have access to the old PLQ phone number listings. They couldn't figure out why I was asking, and repeatedly told me that I couldn't have heard a phone. There's no power or service there. At lunch, the old lead-tech told me that several of these stations are haunted and proceeded to regale me with other spooky encounters. Maybe I was hallucinating for the first time in my life, but I would swear on any document that is what happened.

by Jamie Newton

Electrical wire mystery

Another incident for which I have no explanation happened this morning, 07Mar2011. It was not remarkably frightening or scary, nevertheless inexplicable mystery related to the small electrical project for my car which I had to do last week (I can no longer recall the exact date). It deserved to be written and kept in my files.

I have no garage where I could work on the project, so I drove to one of my favorite parks to do the work. This is not uncommon in this city. There was heavy fog just before noon that day with only about half a mile visibility. The park was awfully quiet and practically desolate. I parked my car and started work to revise the wiring of the power circuit of the alarm. I used a length of the roll of red wire. After finishing the connections and testing the circuit, it was time to stow away the tools and electrical materials. It had begun to rain. I rolled up the leftover red wire into a neat 3-inch diameter and put it into the box of materials. Now, in this box was another roll of red wire which I packed up in my gear that morning to make sure I had enough wire. Call this roll of red wire "Wire X". I put the leftover wire right on top of it in the box. I left the park at around 3:30 PM. It was raining hard when I reached home probably about an hour later.

That evening, before stowing the gears in the storage closet, I opened the box of materials to put in a pack of plastic straps. I noticed "Wire X" was missing. I tried to recall as hard as I could anything which I could have possibly done with "Wire X" in the park. I very clearly remembered two things. First, I never touched it as there was more than enough wire length from the other roll of red wire which I used. Second I put the leftover wire right on top of it in the box. So, whatever happened to "Wire X"? I refused to think of any other explanation than, well, it somehow probably dropped on the ground while I was stowing my gears and I did not see it. Silly. And so, I just assumed I lost "Wire X" in the park.

This morning I decided to rearrange the lot of stuff in my tool closet. Lo and Behold! "Wire X" was standing on the floor, leaning against my old diploma plaque behind one of the old tool boxes! Nobody, not even I, could have found it without the painstaking work of hauling boxes and boxes of tools and a whole lot of stuff out of the closet. But why did I choose to rearrange all the stuff in my closet this morning, and not next month or next year? Divine if I knew. All I can say is: It so happened so I would find "Wire X" this morning and know beyond doubt that the event was another paranormal mystery.

For what a little roll of red wire is worth and as trifle as this event might seem, I see the latent value in the paranormal mystery and my actions fitting together like a jigsaw puzzle. Had it not been for this puzzle, this "Wire X" incident would have been nothing but a natural scenario of a roll of red wire lost in the park. I wouldn't have even written this incident. But it is very clear there was much, much more than just a scenario. There is reason to believe that events, especially magnified events, in human lives do not happen on their own under certain circumstances. Rather they are part of a puzzle in which paranormal mystery is involved.

By parawonder