Electronic Voice Phenomena

audio waveform
Audio waveform

EVP, or electronic voice phenomenon, is the recording of what sounds like human speech, voices, words, phrases or other unexplainable sounds onto audio recording devices, devices such as analog and digital voice recorders, telephone answering machines, etc. Many paranormal researchers who study and investigate the paranormal and supernatural believe that these voices, that appear on this type of recording media may be an actual attempt by a ghost, spirit or some other paranormal entity to communicate with the living. Many paranormal researchers also feel that EVP is second only to a full bodied apparition, as the Holy Grail of paranormal phenomena. The voices that are recorded by this technique are generally not heard by the human ear during the time the EVP are being recorded, but are only heard during playback or with the aid of computer amplifications or other enhancements using audio editing software programs.

Some of the natural explanations for the EVP phenomena given by many skeptics and those within the scientific community are that the recorded voices are either the results of stray radio frequencies, auditory pareidolia (matrixing), or misinterpretation of the background noise, hiss and static, or are the result of an outright hoax, or fraud. Many of these concerns have been addressed by EVP researchers with experiments to shield the recording devices from possible RF contamination, which have been successful. Except for the possibility of an outright hoax, which unfortunately is always a possibility. But I do believe that the vast majority of persons and organizations that do this type of research are sincere in their desire to study EVP and how we may communicate with those who have passed away into the next stage of existence, whatever that may be.

Classifications of EVP

There are basically four different classifications of EVP. I only mention the first three because the fourth is of such low quality that most EVP researchers don't even consider it as a valid EVP

  • The class A EVP is one that is most easily understood by anyone who may listen to it, and it is generally not subject to any disagreement. The class A EVP need not necessarily be loud, but it must be clear and easily understood, the class A EVP is generally considered the rarest and the most difficult to obtain. The class A EVP also do not require any amplification or modifications by computer editing software, to be understood.
  • The class B EVP is one that would be understood by most everyone who may listen to it, but there may be some disagreement and some may hear something entirely different. The class B EVP may also require some computer amplifications or enhancements to be understood. Class B EVP are usually the most commonly captured during an EVP session.
  • The class C EVP is the worst and most difficult to understand and it generally cannot be understood by anyone. The only reason a paranormal researcher or investigator would even consider it as an EVP is because it does sound like a human voice mixed in with the static, and background noise. It also cannot be satisfactorily enhanced using computer technology and is therefore unintelligible.

In my personal opinion, as one who used to be rather skeptical of the paranormal but who now leans more toward being a believer, is that EVP offers the most compelling evidence for the possible existence of ghosts, the paranormal and the survival of our personalities after physical death. I have personally heard many EVP, that I believe to be very compelling.

Class A and perhaps some class B EVP offer the most compelling evidence, as to the reality of the paranormal. But in my view, the only time these voices should be considered as any sort of evidence of intelligence is if they make some sense of the current situation and / or respond to direct enquiries, otherwise they may be nothing more than captured residual sounds or voices. But even if these criteria are met and the EVP is supported as something paranormal. It is still not, at least in my opinion, conclusive proof of the existence of ghosts or communication with an spirit or ghost, but in my opinion it most likely is.

My EVP Samples

I went out and bought myself an digital voice recorder and downloaded Audacity (a freeware audio editing program) and attempted a few EVP sessions in my own home. I was a bit surprised when I actually captured, what I believe may have been EVP clips, which you may listen to at the bottom of this page. If you read the homepage on this site you'll know that I do believe that my own home, just may be haunted.

You are more than welcome to listen to these EVP snippets, perhaps you'll hear what I hear or perhaps you'll hear something entirely different, you may also need headphones and the volume turned up a bit as some are rather soft. If you hear something different please feel free to contact me with your opinion and the EVP clip number If you have done any EVP recordings of your own and would like to submit to this website please attach them to an email and send them to this address admin@areghostsreal.net. I prefer they be in mp3 format, but I do have the technology to convert them. Please note that I do not make any promises that I will put any submitted EVP on this site. To listen to the EVP clips just click on the title of the EVP.

  1. Damn it's terrible

  2. Just a simple "Hello"

  3. 3 knocks and then a "Let me out"

  4. "Help me" or Help please"

  5. "Tell her that I love her"

  6. "F*#K you", That's what this clip sounds to me. Send me your opinion.

  7. "I'm special"

  8. "Not now I'll look"

  9. "Lets do it"

  10. A live cats meows, then a spirit says "The cat make it stop"

  11. "Don't forget me"

  12. "I think they left now"