Electronic Voice Phenomena

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Audio waveform

EVP, short for electronic voice phenomena, refers to the capturing of human-like speech, words, phrases, or other unexplained sounds onto various audio recording devices, including analog and digital voice recorders. This phenomenon has captured the interest and curiosity of paranormal researchers and ghost hunters. According to certain ghost hunters and paranormal researchers, the voices heard on this specific type of recording may potentially be attributed to a ghost, spirit, or other supernatural being attempting to establish communication with the living. Electronic voice phenomenon or EVP is often considered the second most sought-after phenomenon after a full-bodied apparition. The voices captured through this technique are usually not audible during the recording events, but can only be heard during playback or with the aid of computer amplifications or enhancements.

A multitude of theories have been put forth by skeptics and the scientific community to explain the EVP phenomena, including stray radio frequencies, auditory pareidolia, misinterpretation of background noise, and intentional deceit through hoaxing or fraud. Researchers in the field of EVP have successfully addressed many concerns through experiments aimed at shielding recording devices from potential RF contamination. Except for the potential for deliberate deception, which sadly is always a possibility. However, I believe most individuals and institutions conducting this type of research have genuine intentions to explore EVP and its potential for communicating with those who have transitioned into the next phase of existence, regardless of what that may comprise.

Classifications of EVP

There are four distinct classifications of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). I only mention the first three because the fourth is considered such poor quality that most EVP researchers do not even consider it valid.

  • A Class A EVP is defined as one that is comprehensible to all and typically does not cause any disputes. A good EVP doesn't have to be loud, but it should be easy to hear and understand. Class A EVPs are usually the most difficult to obtain. Class A EVP usually does not require any amplification or modifications by computer editing software, to be understood.
  • The Class B EVP is comprehensible to a wide audience, however, there may be discrepancies and some individuals may perceive it differently. The class B EVP may also require some computer amplifications or enhancements to be understood. Class B Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) are typically the most often captured during an EVP session.
  • The class C EVP is notoriously difficult to comprehend and is generally incomprehensible to most people. The primary reason for a ghost hunter to even classify it as an EVP is its resemblance to a human voice amidst static and background noise. Furthermore, it is impossible to sufficiently improve this using computer technology, rendering it incomprehensible.

As a former skeptic of the paranormal who now leans towards belief, I find EVP to be the most compelling evidence for the potential existence of ghosts, the paranormal, and the continuation of our personalities after physical death. I have personally listened to numerous EVPs that I find particularly compelling.

The most compelling evidence for the existence of ghosts and the paranormal can be found in Class A EVP recordings, as well as some Class B recordings. In my opinion, these voices should only be considered as evidence of intelligence if they make sense of the current situation or respond to direct enquiries. Otherwise, they may just be captured residual sounds or voices. In my opinion, even if these criteria are met and the EVP is supported as something paranormal, it is not conclusive proof of the existence of ghosts or communication with a spirit or ghost. Nevertheless, in my opinion, it is highly probable.

My EVP Samples

I purchased a digital voice recorder and downloaded Audacity, a freeware audio editing program, to conduct EVP sessions in the comfort of my own home. I was quite surprised when I captured what I believe to be EVP clips, which you may listen to at the bottom of this page. After checking out the homepage, you'll see that I totally think my own house just may be haunted.

You are totally welcome to listen to these EVP snippets and see if you hear what I do. You might need headphones and to turn up the volume since some are very soft. If you find any discrepancies or hear something different, please contact me with your thoughts and EVP clip number. Additionally, if you have conducted any EVP recordings and wish to contribute them to this website, kindly attach them to an email and send them to the following address: admin@areghostsreal.net. My preference is for them to be in mp3 format; however, I do possess the necessary technology to convert them. Please be advised that I cannot guarantee the inclusion of any submitted EVP on this site. To access the EVP clips, simply click on the title of the EVP.

  1. Damn it's terrible

  2. Just a simple "Hello"

  3. 3 knocks and then a "Let me out"

  4. "Help me" or Help please"

  5. "Tell her that I love her"

  6. "F*#K you", That's what this clip sounds to me. Send me your opinion.

  7. "I'm special"

  8. "Not now I'll look"

  9. "Lets do it"

  10. A live cats meows, then a spirit says "The cat make it stop"

  11. "Don't forget me"

  12. "I think they left now"