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Paranormal Evidence

If, you have watched any of the numerous television programs focused on ghost hunting or visited any of the numerous websites dedicated to the study of the supernatural and ghost hunting, you will come across numerous examples of alleged evidence for ghosts and other paranormal occurrences. Many of these websites provide audio recordings of purported EVP or electronic voice phenomena, which you are welcome to listen to. There are also numerous examples of images that are purported to depict real ghosts. Additionally, there are websites that provide video clips purportedly showing evidence or proof of paranormal phenomena, including ghosts, Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), and even Big foot.

The purpose of this article is not to attempt to discredit these claims or present evidence refuting their validity. I have chosen not to attempt to discredit these claims due to the possibility that some of these videos, images, or EVP snippets may indeed be authentic and accurately represent what they purport to be. It is not my place to question the validity of someone else's evidence or accuse them of being dishonest or deceitful. This is especially true since I was not present to witness any possible ghosts, spirits, sounds or other paranormal occurrences that may have been captured through various recording devices such as film, digital cameras, video cameras, or voice recorders. It is possible that some of these photos, videos, and audio recordings of EVP may be authentic.

Nevertheless, the purpose of authoring this article is to encourage those who observe these pieces of evidence of the paranormal to approach them with a critical mindset, rather than simply accepting the existence of ghosts and the paranormal based solely on this type of evidence. Additionally, there is a valid reason that nearly all this evidence would not be admissible in a court of law. The reason for its inadmissibility as evidence lies in its ability to be easily fabricated, altered, or falsified by computer image, photo, and audio editing software. I am confident that most of this evidence is authentic. However, I am equally confident that a good portion of it is not. However, I am not an expert in the field of the paranormal, and there are no true experts in the field of ghosts the paranormal or the supernatural.

My recommendation is to watch and appreciate paranormal or ghost programs, visit paranormal and ghost websites, examine, and listen to the evidence presented, and form your own conclusion about its authenticity. However, I encourage you to approach it with a critical perspective while keeping an open and curious mindset. While some of it may be genuine, I am confident that a good portion of it is not.

Martin Burns

picture of orb reflecting light off floor Image used with permission To see the image larger just hover.

Orbs, what are they?

Orbs are a highly debated phenomenon that ghost hunters and paranormal researchers often encounter. My research suggests that most ghost hunters now reject almost all images of orbs. Often, these images are attributed to more mundane items, such as dust particles, insects, or some other non-paranormal object. Particularly in digital photographs when utilizing a flash. It is unfortunate that a significant number of ghost hunters have begun to disregard a substantial amount of photographic evidence of spirit orbs. It is relatively straightforward to distinguish between a genuine spirit orb and a dust particle, especially if the ghost hunter is knowledgeable about what to watch for.

I must admit that I am an avid fan of paranormal television shows. Two of the more widely known forms of this programming include Ghost Hunters, which was originally broadcast on the SyFy channel, and Ghost Adventures, which was aired on the Travel Channel. Ghost hunters, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, tend to dismiss almost all images of orbs as dust, moisture or anything but paranormal. It is my belief that this action is taken to mitigate potential criticisms and doubts, and to present a more analytical and scientific approach. In contrast, the other group consisting of Zak Bagans and Aaron Goodwin tends to disregard most orbs as dust particles or other non-paranormal phenomena. However, on occasion, their purported evidence showcases energetic spheres or orbs entering their heads, rebounding off their backs, or even assaulting them. In one of their previous episodes, which was filmed at the Goldfield Hotel in Goldfield, Nevada, there is a depiction of a sphere of energy or orb that appears to be caressing Zak Bagan's arm.

I have observed numerous images of orbs, and out of all the ones I have viewed, this image is quite compelling. It suggests that it may not be attributed to dust, pollen, insects, or anything of that nature. It seems to be emitting its own light due to the reflection of the object on the floor. The photograph was captured using a digital camera without the use of a flash. Could this photo or image have been doctored using Photoshop? I suppose! I do not possess expertise in photography or photo-editing. However, even if this image does depict a genuine orb or sphere of energy, it does not serve as conclusive evidence of a ghost or spirit. Nonetheless, I would classify it as paranormal as it is not a normal occurrence to have energy spheres bouncing around one's home.

By Martin Burns

The ghost, a physical reality

Dr Duncan McDougall
Dr. Duncan MacDougall

Is the ghost or essence of a deceased person regarded as a tangible being, or is it composed solely of spiritual energy? As mentioned in a previous section of this website, I was once a skeptic, but now believe that ghosts are likely real. If ghosts are indeed real and persist in our reality after physical death, I have often wondered whether the ghost is a physical being composed of physical matter with mass, or a purely spiritual energy entity devoid of any physical mass. It is highly likely that scientists, or those who entertain the possibility of ghosts being real, would assert that it is a physical entity with an energetic component. On the other hand, theological or religious individuals would likely believe the soul is a purely spiritual being with no physical attributes, and resides in a separate realm, such as heaven or hell.

In the early 20th century, Dr. Duncan MacDougall of Haverhill, Massachusetts conducted an experiment. Dr. MacDougall assessed the weight of six patients who were terminally ill. The doctor postulated that if the existence of a soul with physical mass were true, then a decrease in weight would be observed in a patient after the soul's departure from the body. He utilized industrial scales that were purportedly precise to the gram. The beds containing the terminally ill patients were positioned on this scale. After taking physiological changes into consideration, he estimated that the average body loses around 21 grams of weight. He asserted that this was the approximate weight of the human soul and that it did, in fact, possess physical mass.

I don't know if anyone, since Dr. MacDougall has attempted to replicate this experiment. However, the scientific methodology employed by the doctor has been called into question, and many physicians and scientists remain skeptical of his assertions. Does that mean this claim has been debunked? No, and there is still a prevalent belief among many individuals that a ghost possesses a physical element. Whether it does or not, I cannot say, although I too remain skeptical of this claim, but I am open minded and must admit that I just don't know.

By Martin Burns

Shadow men. What are they?

Shadow men, shadow people, or shadow ghosts, as they are also commonly known, represent a form of paranormal phenomena that eludes any straightforward explanation. There are various non-paranormal explanations for shadow people, ranging from mere misinterpretation of light play in a supposedly haunted location to optical illusions caused by or within the eye, things such as floaters. The shadow figures are typically observed in the peripheral region of the visual field, or more commonly referred to as out of the corner of the eye. Furthermore, when the observer directly faces the shadow figure, it appears to just vanish.

Shawdow Man Ghost
Shadow man ghost

skeptics and ophthalmologists widely believe these figures are likely attributed to ocular disturbances and floaters within the vitreous fluid of the eye itself. The presence of optical floaters is common, particularly among older adults. However, they can appear in individuals of all age groups, including children.

Most theories describing shadow men assume they have a sinister nature. Additionally, there are numerous theories that attempt to explain the nature of these shadow ghosts or shadow people. According to certain theories, these entities could potentially be inter-dimensional beings who may experience the same level of fear and surprise towards us as we do towards them, potentially explaining their sudden and abrupt disappearances. Another commonly accepted theory suggests they may be extraterrestrial beings who seek to observe humanity for some malevolent purpose. One of the more peculiar theories I have encountered suggests these entities are the ethereal manifestations of living people in a state of astral projection, with possibly malevolent intentions. However, there are also those who believe these entities could potentially be the spirits of departed individuals who, for unknown reasons, are confined within the realm between our physical world and the astral plane. Additionally, this may be the only method by which these ghosts can materialize. Numerous religious organizations that adhere to this belief view shadow ghosts as either demons or possessing demonic qualities. Another theory proposed is that they could potentially be the spirits of people in a state of NDE or "Near Death Experience". However, there is yet another theory that proposes these shadow people as human time travelers from our future, present for the sole purpose of observing what would be their own history. As evidenced, there are numerous theories regarding the nature of shadow men, but their true identity remains unknown. Furthermore, it would prove to be a challenging phenomenon to explore or investigate.

I personally observed what I believe to be a shadow man, but due to the presence of the moon on that particular evening, I must dismiss this apparition as a potential misinterpretation due to light play. Additionally, I believe most interactions with shadow people are exactly that, misinterpretation's caused by the interplay of light or of ocular disturbances, which are not uncommon. However, it is important to acknowledge that there is always a possibility that a small percentage of these sightings could potentially be attributed to supernatural experiences.

By Martin Burns

Provoking ghosts

I do not possess professional expertise in ghost hunting or paranormal research. While it may seem tedious to stay up all night to capture a photographic or video image of an apparition, I also believe that witnessing or recording such a ghostly presence on film or with a digital camera would be thrilling. In addition, I believe there is an ethical question that must be taken into account when researching the paranormal or pursuing ghosts. While I am steadfast in my fundamental beliefs and open-minded skepticism towards the existence of ghosts and the paranormal. I am inclined to believe that ghosts are highly probable to exist.

If ghosts do indeed exist, I have a moral and ethical inquiry to pose. Is it appropriate to antagonize and provoke these entities to obtain evidence of their existence? Furthermore, if I were to accept the existence of ghosts, it would logically follow that these apparitions or specters are likely the souls of individuals no different from us. People who once walked the earth and are now deceased.

If we accept the reality of ghosts, and the paranormal investigators enter a private residence, which may have been previously inhabited by a deceased person whose spirit now haunts or inhabits the same premises as they did in life. Furthermore, let us assume that this spirit or ghost is unaware of their deceased state due to various reasons, or simply content in its surroundings. When the ghost hunters arrive, they begin to use techniques of provocation and taunting. How would you react if individuals entered your residence and began taunting and provoking you to engage with them? Would you not feel these beings were trespassing on your privacy? And possibly even your right to exist.

I am curious if these ghost hunters who investigate paranormal activity believe that once a person has passed away and entered the spirit realm, they forfeit their rights to privacy and dignity. What has become of the notion of allowing the dead to rest in peace? If you haven't watched the movie "The Others" with Nicole Kidman, then I might suggest you do so. The conclusion of the film presents an unexpected twist, but it offers in my opinion insight into the potential thoughts and beliefs of ghosts or spirits. I don't see anything wrong with the idea of attempting to contact ghosts or spirits that may be haunting a particular residence or location. However, I also believe they are entitled to receive the same level of dignity and respect as any other individual within their own residence. Many ghost hunters often lack the respect for ghosts or spirits that would typically be afforded a living person. And I think that's just wrong.

Additionally, I have come to the realization that certain ghost hunters believe that taunting an evil spirit may pose some level of danger. It appears that they believe intentionally provoking an inhuman or demonic spirit increases the likelihood of being attacked. Firstly, I must state that I do not believe in demonic ghosts. It is possible that evil spirits exist due to the existence of evil people. Perhaps evil spirits are created when evil people die. However, I do not believe the classification of the ghost as malevolent, benevolent, or neutral holds any significance. If a ghost hunter enters a potentially haunted building inhabited by a spirit, who may view it as their home, it is reasonable to expect they may face aggression if they employ tactics such as provocation. If they entered my residence and initiated provocation, I am certain I would retaliate with the most force at my disposal, potentially including the use of a weapon if available. In conclusion, I believe paranormal investigators and ghost hunters should treat ghosts, if they do indeed exist, with the same level of dignity and respect that one would show towards a living person. If these entities truly exist, they deserve nothing less.

By Martin Burns:

Ouija board! Dangerous toy?

Are there any potential risks associated with the use of the Ouija board? The Ouija board, also referred to as the talking board, spirit board, or witch board. Does the object serve solely as a toy, or does it pose a potential threat from malevolent entities such as spirits, ghosts, or demons? Is there a risk that these entities may potentially launch a spiritual attack on the user or users?

Ouija Board

Ouija Board

Certain religious denominations, particularly mainstream Christians, believe that playing with the Ouija board may lead to demonic possession and possibly other supernatural problems. Additionally, these Christian groups believe that playing with the Ouija board involves communication with demons and devils, rather than with the spirits of deceased loved ones. Additionally, certain people who practice the occult believe that using the Ouija board can open portals or doorways to the spiritual realm, thereby granting entry to ghosts, demons, and other vile spirits who may then haunt, possess, or otherwise cause harm or torment to any person who has engaged with the Ouija board.

In my personal opinion, I find this Ouija board stuff nothing but pure nonsense. The Ouija board is nothing but a play toy. Should the oracle exhibit movement without any physical contact, I would then consider it to possess mystical powers. However, due to the requirement of physical contact with the fingertips of those participating in the séance, I believe it is merely a case of someone either deliberately or subconsciously manipulating it. In my opinion, if there is any potential danger associated with its usage, it likely stems from the subconscious psychology and fears of the individuals using it. It is not far-fetched to assume that those who genuinely believe they are communicating with ghosts, spirits, or demons may also believe in the possibility of possession by such entities. Especially if they view using the device as morally wrong or sinful.

By Martin Burns: