artistic image of a demon
Is this the face of a demon? Who knows!

If you have stumbled upon this page, you may wonder why I have chosen to devote an entire page to the topic of demonology. If you have read other sections of this website, you would know that I personally do not believe in entities such as demons. At least not in demons as portrayed by certain religious institutions.

Just as our world is home to a diverse range of creatures, such as dogs, cats, cows, among countless others, is it plausible that there may also be non-human entities inhabiting the realm of spirits and ghosts? Furthermore, I believe these other entities can sometimes transcend into our dimension and cause disturbances to the living. I do not believe this necessarily characterizes these creatures as malevolent or diabolical. It is possible that their existence in our dimension is just incompatible with biological life.

I freely acknowledge that I may be entirely wrong in my assumptions on demons or demonic forces. So, if you feel tormented, haunted or possessed by forces, you do not understand, get help, get help from whatever source you believe will help. Your doctor, a psychologist, psychiatrist, priest or minister. However, it is important that you do not ignore it with the expectation that it will simply disappear. It is possible that this is all just a figment of your imagination, but on the other hand, it may not be, it may be very real. These matters do not simply disappear; your mental well-being, your soundness of mind, and potentially even your life or the lives of others may be at risk.

Succubus, a female demon who has sex with a sleeping man

What is demonology?

Demonology is the study of demons, with the hopes of either summoning and controlling these evil spirits for some sinister, nefarious or other evil purpose. Or it is the study of these evil forces, entities and the rituals necessary to defeat and banish them to hell or wherever they may reside.

In the field of demonology, I believe there are two distinct types of demonologists, each with their own unique approach and beliefs. The initial type would pertain to the anthropologist, who conducts research on demonology from a historical and cultural perspective. Their research focuses on the origins of these ancient belief systems and their impact on contemporary societies, cultures, and religions. The other category of demonologist is the individual who approaches the study of demonology from a theological perspective and may believe that these beings exist in a separate realm, such as Hell. Religious demonologists also believe that these entities may materialize in our reality and haunt a specific location or individual, potentially causing harm or attacking them in some manner. Numerous theologians specializing in demonology also serve as priests and ministers who conduct exorcisms for individuals who believe they may be possessed by demons, or even by Satan.

From a theological perspective, I must confess that I am somewhat skeptical of the concept of demonology. In my opinion, the topic of demons and demonology is within the jurisdiction of the church and religion. I strongly believe they should not be involved in the investigation of supernatural or paranormal phenomena. In my personal belief, I am convinced that there are no entities known as demons that exist in our world. In my opinion, the concept of demons originated from religion, and I believe they should remain within that realm. In my opinion, the only appropriate situation for a paranormal investigator, psychic, or medium to discuss demons or demonology is if their client sincerely believes their home or themselves are experiencing haunting, torment, or other forms of disturbance by demonic or malevolent entities.

Inhuman spirits

Does the notion of an inhuman spirit or ghost exist? Are there entities that have never walked the earth? Is it possible to consider the existence of a separate realm of reality where malevolent, demonic entities reign supreme? In my opinion, I believe in Satan himself more than in an inhuman spirit, unless we're discussing animal ghosts. In my opinion, if a human being can transcend death and their spirit endure, I fail to see any valid reason why any animal with consciousness cannot also transcend death and become a spirit or ghost. If they exist, I speculate, an alternative possibility could be the apparitions of extraterrestrial beings. In my opinion, I do not believe that extraterrestrial beings are visiting us, whether they are dead or alive. However, as I have stated in another part of this website, I do not consider myself an arrogant know-it-all. Therefore, it is possible that such beings and entities exist. However, I remain unconvinced and have yet to encounter any compelling evidence that would persuade me to alter my opinion.

Painting of St. Francis Borgia performing an exorcism, by Goya
Painting of St. Francis Borgia performing an exorcism by Goya


Do exorcisms work? Can the rituals of an exorcism expel demonic or dark forces from a living person or haunted location? My response to these inquiries is, without a doubt, affirmative. I believe such rituals and customs can and occasionally do prove effective. Some readers of this article may be perplexed as to how a former skeptic, who now declares himself a believer in ghosts, but not in demons, Satan, or the Devil, can maintain a belief in the effectiveness of exorcism rituals.

Well, from my perspective, this is the way I view it. In my opinion, there are only two genuine options. One possible option is that I am completely wrong, and that both demons and demonic forces have a real existence. These entities dwell in the depths of Hell, eagerly waiting for an opportunity to enter the earthly realm and torment a specific person or location. The other explanation is that they do not exist at all, but are a product of our own minds, imaginations, and religious beliefs.

If they are indeed real, then I am convinced that the rituals conducted by the exorcist effectively achieve their intended purpose. The demonic entity or malevolent force is expelled from the person's body or the haunted location. They are compelled to leave by the divine power of God and Jesus, as well as the beliefs held by those involved, including the clergy member themselves, and possibly even the beliefs of malevolent or dark forces.

I do not possess professional or expert knowledge in any aspect of the paranormal, including ghosts, demonology, psychology, parapsychology, or any other related topics. This article is solely based on my personal beliefs, experiences, and opinions. If you or a loved one is experiencing torment from what you perceive to be a harmful or malicious entity, such as demons or ghosts, seeking assistance is recommended. Get help, from whatever source you believe will help. I might suggest you visit this website. "The Society of Saint Benedict". They offer some excellent resources to help with demonic activity.